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9101 Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer (100 kHz to 4 GHz)

Small, Portable Spectrum Analyzer for RF Servicing up to 4 GHz
Aeroflex's 9101 Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer is a low cost, full-featured spectrum analyzer. With a frequency range up to 4 GHz, the 9101 can test all modern wireless local oscillators, plus the harmonics and spurs that can mix and break through into the pass-band. Its complete coverage of carrier and IF stages give the performance needed when other analyzers run out of bandwidth.

  • Comprehensive feature set in one-button measurement
  • Easy-to-read screens make all the difference in finding signals
  • Speedy assessment of signal quality with marker and limit template capabilities.
  • Get more out of digitally modulated signals through RMS channel power measurement functions
  • Accurate measurements in different RF environments due to external device compensation and impedance adjustment.
  • Remote control via RS-232 and Ethernet.
  • Small footprint of only 0.5 square foot fits anywhere
  • AC or battery powered with more than 1 hour life
  • Maximum Performance, Minimum Package

Comprehensive feature set in one-button measurement
With its clear and easy-to-use operation, the 9101 Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer presents all the measurement functions required to quickly and precisely resolve measurement tasks. The user-friendly interface with logical soft keys enhances operation.

Easy-to-read screens make all the difference in finding signals
The high-resolution colour VGA display (640 x 480 pixels) is great for finding misleading spurs or aligning modulators. Multiple colours facilitate the comparison of measurement traces on the screen. The extra bright 6.5" TFT display has a superb 140° viewing angle and provides fast updates.

Markers help in exactly reading signals
Up to four markers allow for exact reading of complex signals. The transmitter performance can be checked, spurious signals can be detected and sideband levels can be established using the four markers with their flexibility and clear on-screen display. By pressing Delta Marker second and third harmonic levels can easily be checked. Power level and frequency are displayed in relation to a reference point.

Pass/fail determination with limit templates
Limit lines simplify assessment of complex displayed signals, give users the ability to decide whether the signal passes or fails. These limit templates can be set up with 30 segments. At the same time, it can be tested whether the signal exceeds an upper and/or lower limit.

Get more out of digitally modulated signals through RMS channel power measurement functions
The RMS power measurement capability offers Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) and the Occupied Bandwidth (OBW). ACPR enables measurements of the leakage power from a modulated communication channel into an adjacent channel.

Accurate measurements in different RF environments
When making accurate amplitude measurements with a spectrum analyzer, it is required that any effects that alter the signal of interest between the device under test (DUT) and the analyzer be corrected while measuring. In the instrument software, the built-in amplitude correction is realized.

Manual or automatic control made simple
Controlling the 9101 from a PC is easy and convenient with the built-in RS-232 interface and Ethernet port. All functions of the spectrum analyzer can be controlled via the industrial standard remote control SCPI command set.

The 9101 includes all the specifications of other sophisticated lab instruments, all in a hand-held package weighing less than 2.5 kg, including battery -- no heavy instruments to carry, and no more cluttered benches. The 9101 can be run and reloaded from the 12 V cigarette lighter adapter.

No time is wasted in setting up the instrument or copying settings from one instrument to the other by hand. The 91xx Data Exchange software, which comes with the 9101, supports enhanced manage and transfer functions.

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