LabWindows/CVI 6.x Visa Compatable VXI Plug & Play Driver for the IFR2319e RF Digitizer (Issue 2.0).


Included Files:                                                                                     Install Path:

Ifr2319e_32.dll                                                                                      C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Bin

Ifr2319e.lib (msvc)                                                                    C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\lib\msc

Ifr2319e.lib (Borland)                                                                               C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\lib\bc

Ifr2319e.h                                                                                               C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\include

Ifr2319e.c, Ifr2319e.fp, Ifr2319e.hlp, Ifr2319e.doc.                         C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Ifr2319e

Ifr2319e_32.dll & Ifr2319e.lib                                                             C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Ifr2319e\Win95

Ifr2319e_32.dll & Ifr2319e.lib                                                             C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Ifr2319e\WinNT

Creating the LabView Support file LLB.doc                                           C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Ifr2319e

Creating the LabView Support file LLB.doc                                           C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Ifr2319e

License.doc, License.pdf, License.txt                                             C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Ifr2319e

Readme 2319e.doc, Readme 2319e.pdf, Readme 2319e.htm                C:\VXIpnp\WinNT\Ifr2319e


The DLL file was created under Win2K. Versions created in Win95 & WinNT in sub directories.


For Windows 95 the above directories will all start C:\VXIpnp\Win95.


To use this driver Visa 2.6 RTE is required. If used outside the CVI development package the CVI 6.0 RTE is also required. Please NOTE you must install the Visa RTE BRFORE installing the CVI RTE.


Link to Visa RTE (Latest):


Link to CVI RTE (Latest):


The Getting Started routines are provided to give the user examples on how to run some basic functions on the Ifr2319e instrument.



·                     Initialise the instrument

·                     How to format the ARB memory (rem as default as this will delete ALL ARB files)

·                     Load and run an ARB file

·                     Configure and run an AM waveform

·                     Configure and run an FM waveform

·                     Configure and run an PM waveform



Converting to LabView


Please see document “Creating the LabView Support file LLB.doc”