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Aeroflex Announces 2500 Series Frequency Synthesizers with
High Speed, Low Noise, Wide Bandwidth and Increased Reliability


International Microwave Symposium 2005 — Long Beach, Calif. — Booth #1739 — June 14, 2005 — Aeroflex Incorporated (Nasdaq: ARXX) today announced it has made design enhancements to its fast switching frequency synthesizers, the 2500 series. The 2500 series represents Aeroflex’s highest performance synthesizers and exemplifies cutting edge performance. The 2500 series synthesizers are faster, cleaner, smaller and more rugged than their predecessor, the FS5000, and also have improved reliability.

The performance leader in frequency synthesis for over 20 years, Aeroflex’s 2500 series family is ideal for high-speed applications such as agile radar and radar simulators, radar upgrades, fast antenna and RCS (radar cross section) measurements, electronic warfare systems and ultra-fast automated test equipment (ATE) applications.

Designed to save substantial time and money over building a custom measurement system in-house, the 2500 family is used for stringent applications where the highest performance is required. The modular design is impervious to vibration and is proven in airborne and shipborne applications and other extremely rugged environments.

2500 family spans frequency range from 300MHz to 26.5GHz

The 2500 frequency synthesizers are broadband sources operating over the range of 300MHz to 26.5GHz with a standard resolution of 1.0Hz. The series has sub-microsecond switching speed (200ns) over the entire frequency range. The 2500 family can step from any frequency (F1), to any other frequency (F2), up or down, in 1 uSec. Output amplitude is +10dBm +2dB into an impedance of 50 Ohms. The 2500 family includes over 30 models and is housed in a full 3U rack chassis with front panel keyboard for manual control, GPIB and parallel binary coded decimal (BCD) interface for remote programming. Aeroflex’s modular architecture and iterative frequency models make it ideally suited for custom OEM applications. Four standard modules are available: 2513 (300MHz to 13.5GHz), 2518 (300MHz to 18GHz), 2520 (300MHz to 20 GHz) and 2526 (300MHz to 26.5GHz). Many other configurations are available for custom order.

Aeroflex-patented frequency synthesis enables low noise, spectral purity

The frequency generation technique used by the 2500 family is Direct Analog Frequency Synthesis, implemented in a patented, modular architecture. Based on mixing, adding and dividing fixed frequencies using wideband mixers, ultra-fast switches and switched filter banks, this technique is unique in providing, simultaneously, the attributes of fast switching speed, high spectral purity and wide frequency range. Direct Analog Frequency Synthesis is also inherently rugged and reliable—there are no loops to unlock and no vibration-sensitive oscillators.

The 2500’s fundamental frequency generation range is 4.8 to 13.5GHz, an order of magnitude higher than the Aeroflex 2200 series synthesizers. Synthesis at X band microwave frequencies allow for wide bandwidths, small size and superior spectral purity. The output frequency can be extended to 26.5GHz using one frequency doubler, which increases spurious signals and phase noise by just 6 dB. The 2500 series technology consequently provides not only superb frequency agility, but also spectral purity rivaling low noise fixed frequency references. At X band the 2500 delivers 200 ns frequency switching time, phase noise of –120dBc at 10kHz offset, spurious signals better than –70dBc, and harmonics suppressed to better than –50dBc. Even lower noise modules are available with phase noise of –130dBc at 10kHz offset and spurious signals better than –80dBc at X band.


The 2500 family is available immediately upon receipt of order. The 2500 family is modular with over 30 configurations possible and more with options.

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