DATE: 13th November 2000



Now the most cost-efficient way to test GSM amplifiers and receivers

Wichita, Kan. — November 13, 2000 — IFR Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:IFRS) has introduced a new option for its 2026 signal source that enables a 2026 to test GSM-based communications systems. Option 116 for GSM was designed for testing amplifiers deployed in GSM base stations. It can also be used in conjunction with a radio test set for providing the interference signals for testing GSM receivers and for GSM intermodulation tests.

The 2026 signal source is the industry’s only multi-source, broadband signal generator. It can be configured with two or three high-performance, high-power, fully calibrated RF signal sources. Consequently, using a 2026 equipped with Option 116 is an extremely economical way to perform GSM multi-carrier testing.

“This option to IFR’s 2026 signal source was developed in response to customer requests,” said David Owen, signal sources manager, IFR. “It not only demonstrates the adaptability of our signal sources, but it’s also a great indication of how flexible IFR is in fulfilling market needs.”

2026 Offers Three Baseband Sources

Option 116 for GSM adds a set of three baseband sources that can be connected to each of the external FM inputs of the 2026 or the 2026Q. By setting the 2026 to external modulation, with the modulation ALC on and the deviation set to 67.7 kHz, a GSM carrier can be generated from each of the two or three sources incorporated in the 2026.

Excellent noise and spurious signal performance

A 2026 with Option 116 for GSM has excellent wide-band noise characteristics. ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) defines a measurement for wide-band noise where the power measured in a 100 kHz resolution bandwidth on a spectrum analyzer is compared with the carrier power measured in a 30 kHz resolution bandwidth. For an output of +10 dBm on the individual output, a 2026 with Option 116 typically measures -83 dBc. An application note describing 2026 Option 116 is available from IFR.

IFR — Advancing Wireless Test

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