DATE: 14th February 2001



2026B increased to reach 2.4 GHz ISM/Bluetooth frequency range;
2026A offers lower-cost alternative for lower-frequency needs

Wichita, Kan. Feb. 14, 2001 IFR Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:IFRS) today announced that it will offer two new frequency models in different price ranges for its most popular signal source, the 2026 multisource generator. IFR now offers two choices for the 2026 multisource generator the 2026A and 2026B. The 2026B 2.51 GHz model is designed for the higher-frequency needs of engineers working in the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band, which is increasingly used for wireless LAN applications, including Bluetooth. The 2026A 2.05 GHz model is for engineers who require less bandwidth. The new products allow engineers to get the right bandwidth they need at the right price. The 2026A with two or three sources is priced 10 percent below the higher frequency model.

Ideal for R&D and manufacturing where there is a need for two or three combined sources for conducting tests such as intermodulation and selectivity performance of components and receiver assemblies, the 2026A/B signal generators are the only signal sources on the market to provide more than one broadband source in a single instrument. The use of a built-in combiner, switches and cables eliminates many of the measurement uncertainties introduced by connecting separate signal generators.

GSM Option Enables 2026A/B to Test GSM Base Stations and GSM Systems

By adding Option 116 to the 2026A or 2026B, the engineer can extend the 2026 to test GSM-based communication systems. Designed specifically for testing amplifiers deployed in GSM base stations, the 2026 with Option 116 can also be used in conjunction with a radio test set for providing the interference signals for testing GSM receivers and GSM intermodulation tests.

IFR Advancing Wireless Test

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