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DATE: 1 August 2002 PR254

IFR Announces 13 GHz Spectrum Analyzer for Under $20,000

2394 spectrum analyzer offers unmatched performance for the lowest cost

Wichita, Kan. — August 1, 2002 — IFR, an Aeroflex company (Nasdaq: ARXX), today announced a 13 GHz spectrum analyzer that breaks new ground in the mid-range spectrum analyzer market by offering the highest performance at the lowest price. Key applications for the 2394 spectrum analyzer are mobile handset production test, handset repair verification and base station transmitter testing.

"The 2394 gives cellular manufacturers the performance they need without having to spend extra money on test instruments that are costly and provide more performance than required. The 2394 hits the right bandwidth at the right price," said Bryan Harber, spectrum analyzer product manager, IFR.

About the 2394

The 2394 13 GHz spectrum analyzer is lightweight and portable with a large color LCD display. It includes a fast processor and a large memory capable of storing up to 1,000 screen traces and 2,000 operational states. The 2394’s 50-ohm input can accept signals between +30 dBm and –110 dBm while providing protection up to 50 V DC.

The 2394 includes a comprehensive marker system that allows as many as nine markers to be displayed at any one time, together with a marker table showing the frequency and level of each marker selected. This feature allows multiple signals to be evaluated simultaneously. In addition to Normal Markers, the 2394 provides Delta Markers, Peak Search, Peak Track, 1/Delta, Marker Track, Marker to Center, and Marker to Reference capability.

The 2394’s user interface is designed to simplify many of the measurements required for the evaluation of today’s sophisticated communications systems. It allows semi-automated measurements of Adjacent Channel Power, Channel Power, Occupied Bandwidth, Emission Bandwidth, X dB Down, and Harmonic Distortion. The 2394 also incorporates an Auto Tune function, allowing an unknown signal to be captured quickly and displayed on the screen. The 2394 will search its complete frequency range for the highest signal level, capture it, display it in the center of the screen with both the span and resolution bandwidths set automatically to the optimal state for best viewing.

Key Specifications of the 2394



2394 Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency Range

9 kHz to 13 GHz

Frequency Span

100Hz/Div to Full Span + Zero Span

Sweep Speed

20 ms to 1000 s

Resolution Bandwidths

Analog Filters: 300 Hz to 3 MHz (1-3-10 sequence)

Digital Filters (option): 100 Hz, 30 Hz, 10 Hz

Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL)

-115dBm from 3GHz to 13GHz

Reference Level Accuracy

± 1.0 dB (50 kHz to 13 GHz)

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About IFR

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